About Us

Our Vision

When an ordinary card just won’t do, our memorable Pop Up Cards are gifts in themselves and are designed to make a lasting impression.  Unlikely to ever meet the recycle bin, our miniature works of art are usually found in pride of place on the mantlepiece for a very long time.

They can be used for a multitude of occasions, like, if you are going to a wedding and want a beautiful card to put the vouchers in? Or perhaps your best friend has had a new baby and you want to gift her with a keepsake she can treasure?

What about if your partner has just done the marathon for the first time and you want something memorable to gift or maybe you have a relative in hospital so you want a beautiful card that pops up like a bunch of flowers?

Our cards never fail to get an amazing reaction of pure surprise and delight, which is just priceless!


Cardology was Born

Our cards are created using a technique called Sliceform engineering and the Asian artform, Kirigami.  We first discovered this amazing craft years ago when we travelled to Asia.  We saw different styles of 3D cards including Kirigami, but the ones that really captured our interest were the Sliceform Engineered cards, the really intricate ones that open up 180 degrees to have something inside completely “pop up”.

In 2014, we were all enjoying high-flying careers, but felt we lacked real connections in our lives.  We craved for something exciting to focus on and all decided to take the plunge, hand in our notice(s) and start our own venture as a family business.

We started to import the very best of Kirigami cards but quickly realised the designs were just not right for the UK consumer.  We were bursting with ideas of how we could transform this artform and put our own stamp on it.

Lucky for us, our career backgrounds gave us the necessary skills to very quickly learn and understand how these miniature works of art are designed and put together.  Kripa, being an engineer, took them apart (typical engineers!) and mastered the mechanics of how they work.  Dipa, has a background in Computer Science and had already used various product design software so was very quickly able to start designing our ideas on screen and making it a reality. David brought a wealth of commercial knowledge, from his time as a director at BT, and his expertise in finance and marketing really was the backbone that has kept Cardology growing year on year. It was a match made in heaven.

We look back now and think it very serendipitous that we were all at the same stage in life, at the same time when we decided to launch Cardology.  We each brought with us different skills and that’s why we work!  Kripa’s the creative one, whilst David brings an analytical brain, as well as marketing and commercial experience (plus diplomacy for when Kripa and I bicker from time to time, as sisters do!)


Where Engineering meets Art

Here at Cardology HQ we focus on creating pop up cards using some amazing but somewhat complicated paper-engineering techniques.  One is Kirigami and the other is Sliceform.

Sliceform is essentially creating 3D models by interlocking pieces of card together.  When designing our cards we have to position where the individual pieces will intersect, slowly building up the 3D model.

The process from idea to final card design can sometimes take us upto 6 weeks.

After the initial sketch is completed, we move the design on screen using a variety of product design software.  It takes us many iterations to ensure that the Pop Up cards do actually fold down and fit into the card perfectly.

From our designs, we create a sheet with all individual pieces or ‘slices’ that will make up the card.  These pieces are then laser cut, before each card is assembled by hand.


Want to Learn More?

If you would like to learn more, you can follow the steps in our tutorial to create a Christmas Present Pop Up Card yourself to best understand all the processes involved.