Sep 23


Cast your mind back before Twitter was synonymous with social media and actually meant birdsong, before Gmail ever existed, before people took Selfies and definitely before people could access their emails on their mobile phone. Remember a time when ‘You’ve got mail’ used to pop up on your computer screen and you would click on the accompanying icon, full of anticipation at who the email could be from and what it could contain. Go farther back still; remember seemingly-ancient snail mail?

The only kind of mail you get now are household bills right? When did people stop sending letters? When did people stop writing letters? There’s nothing like the surprise of receiving snail mail – wondering who it’s from and what’s inside. There’s something special in its permanency, its tangibility, the fact that you can revisit the words on paper again and again, a keepsake that enables you to connect along that invisible thread to the sender time and time again; pretty much the same way our popup greeting cards do. This is why we put a lot of love into them, from our initial design work to our prototype all the way through to the hand assembly and hand stitching. It all matters. It’s all about reconnecting in a meaningful way.

Squiggly slanted words snake their way across the page, blue ink on blue paper telling stories of his life in Ghana and asking me about mine in England, my mind conjuring up images to accompany his words. His letters made me feel close to him even though we were more than 3,000 miles apart. I knew they were from him because they always presented the same way – blue airmail letters that folded up into themselves to make an envelope – I loved that about them. I guess my appreciation of detail and design was present at a very young age. Even now, over 20 years later, the thought of that delicate blue paper makes me smile. There was a feeling of reassurance that came with receiving my grandfather’s letters and I found comfort in the way he always signed off ‘make sure you’re being a good girl for mummy and working hard’ followed by loads of slanted crosses that were kisses.

There’s something special about discovering someone’s personality through their writing; the way they dot their ‘I’s’ and cross their ‘t’s’, where they choose to punctuate, the curve, length and form of their characters, how they choose to sign off,  their choice of paper and envelope and even how they choose to seal their precious stories.  What’s inside counts. You lose all of this in an email or a WhatsApp. This discovery and interaction only comes through the art of letter writing.

Everything about today’s world is fast. Fast food.  Fast transfers. Fast interaction. How about living slow? Or at least slower. Switch off from the digital world a little – yes we know we’re talking to you through a screen – just don’t be glued to it 24/7. Carve out some time in the week for you which doesn’t involve any kind of digital media: get making, get practical, get writing, take your time to reconnect with a loved one or simply tell someone you’re thinking about them with one of our popup cards. They’ll get the best surprise when they open it and each time they glance across at their card proudly displayed, they’ll think of you and what you mean to them.

Slow living is meaningful living. It’s wholesome living. It’s joyful living. Live slow with us

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